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Latest Results

Saturday 7th November

Sangster Dominates In Van Scottish

Added by Kevin on Monday 9th November
Ninja Karts
White and Yellows: 501, 618, 703, 136, 90, 529
Heat 1: 721, 6, 929, 636, 809, 112, 45, 49, 133, 74
Heat 2: 636, 45, 809, 49, 974, 6, 929, 133, 888, 267
Heat 3: 809, 636, 721, 6, 974, 888, 618, 136, 901, 90

CC Rods
Heat 1: 171, 267, 91, 750, 71, 87, 224, 289, 67, 337
Heat 2: 267, 171, 71, 87, 337, 20, 91, 224, 671, 23
Final: 267, 71, 224, 337, 20, 87, 761, 171, 23, 170

Heat 1: 309, 446, 265, 196, 178, 171, 26, 128, 65, 124
Heat 2: 309, 446, 178, 196, 171, 128, 26, 124, 426
Final: 309, 446, 178, 171, 265, 128, 196, 65, 426

Heat 1: 145, 050, 007, 028, 684, 647, 059, 172, 167, 088
Heat 2: 647, 007, 684, 178, 172, 612, 059, 021, 622, 165
Final: 007, 604, 647, 178, 684, 021, 059, 145, 622, 172

Van Bangers
Scottish: 74, 159, 180, 255, 833, 199
Heat 1: 72, 180, 159, 999, 255
Heat 2: 182, 97, 180, 46, 74
DD: 180

And as if by that, we had reached the end of the normal season with our ‘season finale’ on Saturday 7th November, an event that featured the ever popular Van Banger Scottish Championship and Fireworks!

Just under 20 Van Bangers took to the track as they entertained those onlooking from the heat and comfort of there cars & vans. The first race of the night for the vans was in fact their Scottish Championship event, which took place in a thick fog which had descended upon the raceway in the previous hour. As the green flag was dropped by the ever present Jack Freck, the lights turned green and the Van Banger Scottish Championship was underway! A new winner would be revealed with reigning champion Neil Naismith unable to defend. No sooner had the vans entered the 1st lap, there was the 1st casualties with Barry Jarman stricken on turn 2. The rest of the field went about there business, crashing, pushing and some trying to get to the front – The early leader was Jamie Sangster, though briefly dropped down having been overtaken by Zander Martin. Taylor was soon back up in front though as Zander caught trouble which nearly ended his race. Behind Sangster up front, Calum Campbell and Sean McConnachie chased down the slowing Zander Martin and with only a few laps to go, both drivers moved up into 2nd and 3rd respectively. There would be no catching Sangster up front though, as he somehow managed to avoid the carnage around the raceway. Heat 1 of the night for the vans again seen most of the drivers make it out on track, with new Scottish Champion Jamie Sangster suffering from quite some damage in the early stages which would see him retire from the race. Shaun Mitchell drove away from the green flag and hit a few vans on the way as he raced to a race win, with McConnachie finishing 2nd and Callum Campbell in 3rd. Heat 2 of the night seen Ross Stewart take the win, ahead of Rhory Smith and Sean McConnachie again. The Demolition Derby seen 7/8 vans survive till the end as they went about trying to take the DD win. Rhory Smith looked set to be the driver to take the honours, but drove hard into the back of the Zander Martin van, ending his chances in the process! Martin was ailing though, with his van lacking a lot of power, and in the end, a hit with McConnachie seen his van also grind to a halt, meaning that McConnachie would take the DD win!

The UKMC sponsored Ninja Karts were in action with 4 quick fire races on the schedule including a whites and yellow race, which seen Saul Galloway take his first win in the formula since starting out last year. Leeland Dearn had a shunt with the wall which seen him require some medical attention though was able to walk away, but would mean the end of his nights racing due to damage to the kart. The first heat of the night seen just under 20 karts on track which was enough to provide some excellent fast and furious racing from the youngsters, in a race that went flag to flag without any stoppages, although Saul Galloway and Cameron Mason did have a coming together which seen both karts spin clear off the racing line. Kenzie Bell drove excellently from the back of the red grade to come through to take the win, ahead of Hamish Plenderleith and Leighton Hughes. Heat 2 of the night seen Lewis Duffy come to form in what was his final meeting in the Ninja Karts before moving on into the Junior Production class. Lewis claimed an excellent race win, finishing ahead of Dougie Kidd Jnr and Toby Tyson. The final race of the night for the youngsters seen them battle trickier track conditions which resulted in a few stoppages throughout the race. Jack Baird found himself against the wall having spun around and stopping against the barrier. No sooner had the race got going, and there were other karts spinning around, though thankfully most managed to rejoin quickly. Keiron Hay however wasn’t quite so lucky as he spun around on the greasy surface on the exit of turn 4, with the kart facing the wrong way with the oncoming traffic – as a result, the yellow flag was again called for. Toby Tyson took the race win, overcoming Lewis Duffy in the closing laps of the race, with Duffy finishing 2nd and Kenzie Bell finishing 3rd.

The CC Rods were back with us following on from there Scottish Championship last weekend. Brandon Gourlay showed off the saltire on the roof for the first time but found life tough coming from the back of the grid throughout the night. Heat 1 seen Gourlay set some of the quickest laps of the race, but was too little too late as he found himself stuck behind Ryan Cameron for a few laps too long. Kevin Hutchison took the race win, with Lee Wotherspoon finishing 2nd and Kenny Pitcaithly rounding out the top three – a great achievement considering the damage sustained last weekend. As the cars crossed the line, a coming together between Craig McComb and Raymond Brown seen Brown spin as he crossed the finishing line, only to be collected by Paul Bell. As the cars all swerved to avoid the Brown car, Kyle Hutchison ran into the back of Dylan Coutts, with enough force to send his car over onto its roof! Heat 2 of the night seen Lee Wotherspoon continue his good form, as the lower graded drivers continued to dominated in the CC Rods, Wotherspoon took a race win, with Hutchison finishing 2nd and Emma Kirk rounding out the top three. The meeting final seen Wotherspoon and Hutchison occupy the front row of the grid. Wotherspoon got away well and come the exit of turn 2, found himself in the lead of the race with Hutchison behind. Wotherspoon would open up a bit of a gap to the field behind, though heat one winner Hutchison found himself drop down the order. Emma Kirk continued her good form, as she brought her car home in 2nd place behind Wotherspoon up front. Dylan Coutts finished in 3rd place! The results on the night mean that should we get the green light for our Winter Series events, that the track championship is still on the line with several drivers all within touching distance of the title!!

The Ministox joined us, with 20 cars taking to the track yet again – the youngsters have provided excellent racing here at Lochgelly through the curtailed 2020 season. Heat one of the night seen Ethan Gemmell make great progress as he led the early stages of the race, only being overcome by Rachel Kidd in the closing stages of the race, with Gemmell hanging on for 2nd place and Charlie Hardie bringing his car home in 3rd place. A special mention to Mirran Adams as well, who was only overtaken by Hardie in the last couple of laps as she lost out on 3rd place, but continued to battle on for an excellent 4th place finish. Heat 2 of the night seen a yellow flag wipe out the lead of the front runners enabling the pack behind to close right up. It was Lewis Burgoyne that took the win though, coming through from the red grade to steal the plaudits. The meeting final seen yet another excellent race from the youngsters. Mirran Adams again was showing great place and battled to maintain her place in the podium places before being spun out by Scott Allardyce midway through the race. Charlie Hardie took the race win, finishing ahead of Ryan Borthwick in what is his final Ministox race, with Burgoyne rounding off the top three.

The Superstox were the 5th and final formula in action. Bryan Forrest was in excellent form as he raced to a hat trick of race wins – enough points to secure the track championship yet again! Dean Johnston took away a hat trick of 2nd place finishes for his efforts.

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Saturday 31st October

Gourlay Takes CC Scottish With Touching Tribute

Added by Kevin on Monday 2nd November
1300 Stock Cars
Heat 1: 255, 6, 357, 199, 125, 124, 126, 834, 668, 715
Heat 2: 357, 199, 06, 126, 255, 125, 833, 124, 411, 715
Michelle Freck Memorial: 10, 715, 357, 126, 833, 6, 199, 668, 67, 124
AC: 10, 357, 715, 255, 199, 833, 668, 411, 75, 710

CC Rods
Heat 1: 267, 69, 71, 657, 91, 289, 170, 224, 671, 700
Heat 2: 700, 20, 87, 81, 671, 23, 224, 71, 289, 337
Scottish: 671, 71, 267, 700, 81, 289, 224, 20, 87, 23

National Hot Rods
Heat 1: 700, 17, 330, 142
Heat 2: 700, 330, 142
Final: 700, 330, 12

Heat 1: 309, 128, 265, 171, 446, 178, 196, 26, 39, 65
Heat 2: 128, 309, 171, 446, 178, 196, 26, 39, 65, 426
Final: 128, 309, 171, 265, 196, 446, 39, 178, 26, 65

Micro Bangers
Heat 1: 478, 247, 227, 164, 59, 215, 250, 255
Heat 2: 159, 227, 59, 478, 164, 215, 166, 250, 379, 46
Final (M Freck Race): 247, 478, 74, 623, 227, 159, 215, 250, 16
DD: 59

It was a damp and cold night at Lochgelly Raceway, but the spirits were high around the venue as we remembered Michelle Freck – a member of the HRP team who we sadly lost in 2018 after suffering from a short illness. Although current restrictions meant that we couldn’t conduct the event as we would have liked to do so, a fitting tribute was made from the race teams, staff and drive in spectators. The track staff wore something pink, whilst drivers painted bumpers and wheels pink in a show of support for the Freck family.

The 1300 Stock Cars battled it out for the Michelle Freck Memorial Shield, won last year by Fraser Clark. With just shy of 30 cars in attendance, the racing was eventful from start to finish despite the wet and windy conditions; The bumpers flew in, although not over aggressively as the drivers jostled for positions, rather then crashing. Graham Osbourne battled his way through from, the back of the grid, to take an opening race win, finishing ahead of Gregor Whyte and the ever improving Craig Warner. Heat 2 seen Mitchell Gold lead the opening part of the race, though came under pressure from Craig Warner in the second half of the race, with Warner moving ahead and taking a well deserved race win, whilst Gold brought his car home in 2nd place, with Gregor Whyte taking another top 3 finish. The Michelle Freck Memorial was the next race on track, which seen the song, ‘See You Again’ played out ahead of a minutes applause, horns blasting, and drivers revving their engines, before the cars started rolling to ‘We Will Rock You’. As the green flag dropped, the bumpers flew in on the opening lap, with Gold hanging on in front, though would soon be overtaken by Patrick Calderwood. Further back the field, Kyle Hegg was in no mood for messing around as he took no time in disposing of those in front of him as he put up a chase to Patrick Calderwood up front – Hegg was soon upto 2nd place on track, and with a bunch of back markers ahead of race leader Calderwood, all eyes were on the battle for the lead – would Calderwood navigate the back markers smoothly, or would he lose valuable time to Hegg in 2nd? As it transpired, Calderwood was likewise in no mood for messing about and fought his way through the traffic quickly without too much time being lost – Hegg had closed the gap slightly, but wasn’t quite close enough come the end of the race for a last lap lunge – Calderwood took an excellent race win, with Hegg finishing 2nd and Warner in 3rd. Danny Whyte continued his recent improvement as he took a respectable fourth place finish. As a reward for the efforts through the last few months, an extra race was scheduled for the 1300 Stock Cars, with Kyle Hegg again in super form – From the outset, there was no messing around as he pushed the pack of cars ahead of him wide to come up the inside, though moved over a bit too soon, which seen him spun around and losing the best part of a lap, only rejoining just ahead of the race leader. The race was yellow flagged mid way through after a big impact for debutant Declan Flynn, his car going head on into the wall with an impact that felt the ground move. Fortunately, Flynn climbed out of his car, though in some discomfort! Upon the race restarted, up front it was again Calderwood, Warner and Whyte. Hegg was back onto the back of the grid and made a lightning quick start which seen him gain 3 or 4 places in the opening lap of the restart! One by one, he made his way through the pack bringing his car home in 3rd place! Calderwood took the win though, which will see him automatically upgraded to blue, with Warner finishing in 2nd, just ahead of Hegg.

The CC Rods battled it out for their own Scottish Championship, and a record 25 cars took to the track. Brandon Gourlay sported a super tribute to Michelle as he had his bonnet wrapped to mark the occasion. 2 reverse grid heats would form the grid for the Scottish Championship. The opening heat seen Lee Wotherspoon take his first win of the season, with Graham Campbell and Emma Kirk completing the top three. Heat 2 of the night seen Ian Donaldson take a win, with points leader Brian Allen finishing 2nd and Paul Bell in 3rd. As the grid formed for the Scottish Championship, Emma Kirk, Brandon Gourlay, Lee Wotherspoon and Ian Donaldson occupied the front couple of rows on the grid. Gourlay and Kirk had an excellent battle as they raced wheel to wheel in the opening stages of the race. Kirk looked to be getting ahead on the inside line, though somehow, Gourlay managed to get across in front of Kirk to take the lead of the race. Emma Kirk was never far away though, with Lee Wotherspoon likewise in close contention to begin with, before dropping back from the lead 2 cars. A yellow flag was called for following a coming together with Stewart Paterson and Lee Scott, with Paterson stuck on the outside of turn 2 facing the wrong way. The pack closed up and Gourlay led them away; Gourlay got away well and despite pressure from Kirk behind still, maintained his lead. Wotherspoon remained in 3rd position, although under considerable pressure from the pack behind, Wotherspoon held a tight inside line which seen him cross the line in 3rd place come the end of the race. Brandon Gourlay took the win to be crowned the 2020 Scottish Champion, whilst Emma Kirk finished in an excellent 2nd position.

The Superstox were in action as they raced for the Tom Michie Memorial Shield, which was up for grabs for the final time. Ciaran Adams, a 2020 debutant in the formula, led the race for the best part before being overtaken by National Points Champion Bryan Forrest – Adams didn’t give up though, and battled Forrest for the remainder of the race which was a brilliant battle. Kudos go out to the drivers showing respect to each other, whilst racing for the win. Dean Johnston, was perhaps given a bit of a pre meeting curse after it was mentioned that he was one of the top drivers in the wet conditions – struggling for grip most of the night, though still took away a decent haul of points. Heat 2 of the night seen Ciaran Adams take his first win in the class, with Forrest finishing around half a straight behind, and Mark Brady in 3rd place. The meeting final, which was the Tom Michie Memorial race, seen Adams start from the back of the yellows as a result of his race win. His progress to the front wasn’t as quick as he battled to get ahead of Evan and Lee Clark. The pack behind though, was in no mood for taking it easy, as they battled it out hard, but fairly. The bumpers flew in, different racing lines were used, and some exciting racing resulted; Mark Brady, Bryan Forrest, Allan Gibson and Barry Stephen all battled for a good few laps. This gave Adams an opportunity to break clear at the front and open up a gap. Forrest managed to shake off the cars around him as he found himself in 2nd place, around a straight behind the Adams car. As the laps drew in, the gap closed down as well, but Adams was showing great maturity and ability as he kept the gap reasonably steady. Adams took the win as a result, much to the joy of his onlooking family. Forrest finished 2nd, with Brady in 3rd.

The Micro Bangers were in action for the 2nd time in October, and with a reasonable amount of cars on track, the racing was good to watch – although not a huge amount of wrecks, there were plenty of pushing and shoving through the heats as the drivers raced to save the car for the meeting final, the Michelle Freck Memorial Trophy. Craig Royal took the first race win of the night, with Don Lineham finishing just behind in 2nd place, and Scott Fraser in 3rd. Heat 2 of the night seen Callum Campbell take a win, with Fraser in 2nd and Steven Bolton in 3rd. The meeting final seen the drivers go in a bit harder with the hits, with Mathew MacFarlane giving John Paton a big hit into the wall in the early stages. Just missing the stricken Barry Jarman car. Don Lineham took the win – possibly his first at Lochgelly, with Craig Royal finishing 2nd and Jamie Sangster 3rd, before Steven Bolton took a Demolition Derby win.

The National Hot Rods were also in action, with Ian Donaldson taking a hat trick of race wins as he looks to qualify for Ipswich in July 2021!

We are back in action this Saturday at Lochgelly Raceway, with the Big Van Banger Scottish Championship taking place. The Ninja Karts, CC Rods, Ministox and Superstox all also feature, alongside some Firework! First race, 4.45pm. Advance booking via our website only.

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Saturday 24th October

Clark Takes The Gunn Trophy

Added by Kevin on Monday 26th October
Junior Productions
Heat 1: 17, 352, 871, 232, 113, 52, 88, 605, 555, 35
Heat 2: 52, 232, 871, 555, 17, 687, 673, 50, 10, 910
Final: 673, 232, 35, 871, 605, 17, 52, 687, 555

Heat 1: 684, 647, 7, 604, 627, 622, 178, 612, 165, 167
Heat 2: 7, 684, 172, 604, 622, 50, 111, 059, 165, 028
Final: 684, 7, 178, 604, 622, 165, 059, 172, 111, 088

Stock Rods
Heat 1: 903, 91, 176, 248, 10, 27, 46, 263, 658, 171
Heat 2: 248, 721, 10, 25, 171, 263, 903, 232, 46, 27
Final: 91, 171, 658, 46, 10, 232, 25, 721, 27

CC Rods
Heat 1: 750, 170, 71, 636, 98, 878, 267, 289, 81, 87
Heat 2: 98, 170, 636, 71, 91, 232, 289, 87, 81, 267
Final: 170, 71, 232, 87, 671, 91, 750, 679, 878, 98

1300 Stock Cars
Heat 1: 199, 88, 357, 715, 100, 833, 126, 710, 834, 125
Heat 2: 100, 10, 668, 111, 715, 255, 357, 700, 126, 125
Final: 668, 126, 834, 199, 833, 88, 75, 10, 357, 659

What a fantastic evening of stock car action at Lochgelly Raceway on Saturday 24th October, with every race providing some excellent entertainment.

It was the 1300 Stock Cars that stole the show however, as they battled it out for the annual Mr Gunn shield, which had some added sponsorship on it as a little extra incentive!! Just under 30 1300 Stock Cars took to the track including 3 debutants, and 2 returnees. Mitchell Gold, Charlie Henry and Robert Conway made their 1300 Stock Car debuts, whilst Callum Barclay returned to action for the first time in a few years. Ian Goodall also made an outing in one of the HRD hire cars! Hardie Race Promotions would like to thank the Gunn family, Claire at Mirror Mirror Salon, Fife Seat, Ringtone Race Painter and Responsible Electrical Solutions for there sponsorship of the event. The opening race of the night for the 1300 Stock Cars seen the bumpers go in from the offset, with Fraser Clark and Dougie Ford continuing their ongoing feud, which resulting in substantial damage to both cars and neither completing race distance! As the pack mixed it up, this gave Mitchell Gold and William Stawiarski an opportunity to break free at the front of the pack, with Craig Warner just behind. As the laps wore on, Chris Wallace found his car stranded on the inside of the track on the exit of turn 2, with an oil slick on track following Andrew Mathieson hitting one of the infield kerbs and damaging his sump, with only a few laps remaining, the race carried on as the drivers carefully negotiated the slick conditions. However, with only half a lap to go, Brant West found himself in the wall after hitting the oil slick and being spun around, with a host of cars joining the crash as well! Mitchell Gold took a debut win, whilst Stawiarski and Warner completed the top 3! Heat 2 of the evening seen Sean Naismith take an excellent race win, coming from the back of the grid and navigating the chaos in front of him in style. Patrick Calderwood brought his car home in 2nd, whilst Scottish Champion Fraser Clark finished in 3rd. The meeting final seen the grid closed up with a bumper to bumper start, in graded order. As the green flag dropped for the first time, the bumpers went in, with the lead pack pushing out towards the wall, Andrew Mathieson from further back the grid, put in a big hit on a pack of cars ahead, forcing them all wide, further up ahead, Graham Osbourne found himself spinning towards the wall on the exit of turn 4, before being pushed sideways down the length of the straight by the oncoming pack. Mathieson came up the inside and was into the top few positions as a result, whilst Sean Naismith tried to follow his line through, but tangled with Ian Goodall before striking a kerb and damaging his car as a result, meanwhile, Goodall also managed to get underneath the spun Osbourne car flicking it over onto its side, coming to a halt on the entrance to turn 1. A red flag was called for with the race restarting again, though with a few casualties as a result! Craig Warner led the way in the early stages of the restart before dropping back the field following a succession of hits and nudges! Fraser Clark soon found himself up front, with Danny Whyte, Rory Naismith, and Kyle Hegg battling it out with him. The quartet exchanged blows lap after lap, with positions swapping on a regular basis, before Naismith lost power and retired from the race; this left the trio of front continuing to trade blows, though Fraser managed to put some daylight between himself and the two behind. Hegg as well ran into issues and had to retire with only a few laps remaining, giving up his podium position. Fraser Clark took the win and the Mr Gunn trophy, whilst Whyte finished 2nd ahead of Declan Lindsell!

The Ministox providing further contact racing with some super bumper action going in through every race! The youngsters certainly know how to put on a show and keep there peers on there toes when it comes to action! Robbie Armit was back in his own car following a string of bad luck last weekend, and was right back on the pace, taking a heat win in the opening race for the Ministox, whilst Lewis Burgoyne brought his car home in 2nd place, with points leader Charlie Hardie in 3rd. Heat 2 of the night seen Hardie get the break from the pack whilst Armit, Burgoyne, Scott Allardyce, Ryan Borthwick etc all had to battle hard to get through the field. This allowed Hardie to race through to the lead of the race without too much challenge, though Armit soon battled through to 2nd place, overcoming Rian Mitchell in the closing stages of the race. The final race of the night for the Ministox seen Armit again take a race win, following a great race with Charlie Hardie and Scott Allardyce. As the three cars battled for the lead with hits going in on each other, Armit broke clear of Hardie and Allardyce to take the win, with Allardyce and Hardie continuing to swap places for the remainder of the race! Hardie moved into 2nd place with just a lap to go, and despite a last lap effort from Allardyce, managed to hold on!

The Junior Productions have provided some excellent racing throughout 2020, and Saturday was no different. The youngsters continue to improve on track and go as fast as they can, whilst trying to avoid contact with other cars. Dylan Smart crossed the line first but was docked for contact on the night, however, on appeal and video review, this docking was rescinded, meaning Smart took the race win, with Koddi Wright 2nd and Jensen Bell 3rd. Heat 2 of the night seen some more great action from the youngsters, with Dylan Smart again showing great pace, however was docked for a push on Kyle Rogerson in the early laps of the race to move up a place. A race stoppage was called for following a collision between James Slater, Samantha Rogerson and John Bremner, with Slater and Rogerson initially coming together, before Bremner was caught by the spinning Rogerson car, which resulted in Rogerson and Bremner going into the wall on turn 2. Visiting driver Chelsey Rainey took a the race win come the chequered flag, with Harvey Sneddon finishing 2nd, and Jensen Bell promoted to 3rd following the docking of Dylan Smart. The meeting final seen 2020 newcomer Jack Dixon claim a flag to flag victory – his first victory in the formula – finishing ahead of Harvey Sneddon and Jas Walle.

The CC Rods seen 21 cars take to the track ahead of there Scottish Championship meeting next weekend – and provided some super bumper to bumper racing throughout the night. The non contact class often provide some on track chaos, but the racing standards were generally excellent at the weekend with very little pushing being witnessed. Through each race, the racing was fast, hard and on the most part fair – there was some rubbing of bumpers and doors, but that all added to the excitement of the racing! Raymond Brown took a race win on his return to racing, whilst Ian Christie and Emma Kirk rounded out the top 3 in the opening race of the night – a boost for both drivers ahead of next weekends Championship event! Heat 2 of the night seen Callum Elliot take a win – the former ProStocker showing that he can mix it in the non-contact formula as well, with Christie and Steven Duffy completing the top three. The meeting final seen the lower graded drivers again dominate proceedings – Ian Christie took a race win, possibly his first of the season, whilst Emma Kirk brought her car home in 2nd, finishing ahead of Andy Nelson in 3rd.

The Stock Rods were the final formula in action and with 18 cars in attendance, provided some great racing throughout. Adam McFall held on from Jim Pitcaithly to take the opening heat of the night, whilst Gary Nicholls finished just behind in 3rd place. Heat 2 seen David Crichton take a much deserve race win following a season of troubles and bad luck. Niall McFerran finished 2nd, whilst Siobhan Martin completed the top 3. The meeting final went the way of Jim Pitcaithly, though he had to work hard for it, being pressurised by Adam O’Dell from the outset. A yellow flag stoppage for a sticken David Crichton car seen the pack close up, with Pitcaithly having to fend of O’Dell and Lattka for the remainder of the race!

We are back in action this Saturday (31st) with another bout of action – the Michelle Freck Memorial event takes place for the 1300 Stock Cars, whilst the Micro Bangers also feature. The CC Rods will battle it out for there Scottish Championship, and the SUperstox for the Tom Michie Memorial!

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Saturday 17th October

Mackie takes Hot Rod Scottish

Added by Kevin on Monday 19th October
Ninja Karts
White and Yellows: 878, 267, 227, 501, 136, 90, 703, 529
Heat 1: 721, 74, 562, 133, 6, 227, 888, 901, 501, 49
Heat 2: 636, 267, 721, 49, 562, 27, 501, 6, 74, 112
Scottish: 133, 27, 562, 721, 74, 888, 636, 901, 501, 878

Heat 1: 007, 647, 604, 088, 165, 111, 172, 612, 628, 059
Heat 2: 682, 088, 007, 628, 111, 604, 684, 647, 622, 165
Final: 684, 007, 111, 604, 612, 647, 165, 059, 088, 628

Stock Rods
Heat 1: 91, 248, 721, 176, 27, 46, 944, 658, 25, 232
Heat 2: 176, 91, 721, 944, 248, 25, 232, 27, 658, 473
Final: 91, 944, 721, 27, 658, 232, 46, 473, 75, 705

2.0 Hot Rods
Heat 1: 668, 147, 107, 26, 169, 610, 172, 23, 144, 182
Heat 2: 610, 26, 169, 107, 147, 172, 144, 668, 23, 183
Scottish: 610, 26, 147, 169, 172, 144, 207, 183, 142

It was double Scottish Championship fever on Saturday night at Lochgelly Raceway, with the Ninja Karts and 2.0 Hot Rods battling it out for their respective championships, with both formula destined to see a new champion with the holders not defending.

The 2.0 Hot Rods have been providing some excellent racing of late, and with 2 reverse grid heats determining the grid for the main race, it was open opportunity to anyone of the drivers in attendance. Track Championship points leader Kevin Stewart took the opening race win ahead of Gerry Hendry and Marc Honeyman, whilst Ryan Mackie took heat 2, with Jock Campbell and Scott Devine completing the top 3. With the grid formed, it was Campbell and Mackie occupying the front row. Mackie got away well and opened up a lead of a few car lengths on the opening lap. However, as the pack behind jostled for position, a yellow flag and complete restart was called for with cars spinning out and colliding with each other; Marc Honeyman coming off worst with some damage, whilst Kevin Stewart also failed to make the restart. As the grid reformed, the nerves built up, and again, it was Mackie who got away first, putting in some hot laps to open up a gap to Campbell behind. Campbell was under intense pressure from Gerry Hendry and Scott Devine as he battled to hold onto 2nd place, whilst maintaining within distance of Mackie out in front. As the laps wound down, Devine dropped back from the battle for 2nd place, with the 2nd and 3rd place drivers beginning to close up on Mackie up front, who had seemingly pushed a tad too hard in the early stages of the race and his tyres going off. With only a few laps remaining, Mackie who had led from the outset, was soon under severe pressure, with Campbell and Hendry both pushing from behind. As the cars entered the final corner for the final time, Campbell and Mackie had a coming together which seen the front three cars cross the line at almost the same time, though Mackie somehow managed to hold on for the win despite finishing up on the infield alongside Campbell!!

The Ninja Kart Scottish Championship was run in a similar fashion, with two reverse grid heats determining the grid for the Scottish Championship title. The opening race though, seen an extra race for the Whites and Yellow graded drivers, which was won by Leeland Dearn. The first main heat of the night seen Kenzie Bell soar to victory, finishing just ahead of Aiden Duffy and Keiran Hay. Heat 2 of the night seen Lewis Duffy take his first victory of the season, with Kal Wotherspoon finishing 2nd after almost missing out on the race with a loose wheel on the entrance to the track, and Kenzie Bell coming through the field to finish in 3rd. Kenzie Bell found himself on Pole Position for the Scottish Championship race as a result of his positions in the 2 qualifying heats. As the race got underway, a couple of incidents in the early stages seen 2 complete restarts called for, and ultimately seen Hamish Plenderleith take the lead at the front of the pack, opening up a substantial lead in the process. Behind him, Kenzie Bell, Keiran Hay, Kaden Connor and Aiden Duffy all battled for 2nd place, with Kenzie Kopacz doing his utmost to join in. With around 7 laps to go, another yellow flag was called for with karts spun around; This closed the pack up and wiped out the lead of Hamish Plenderleith. Hamish was soon under pressure from Keiran Hay on the restart, with Hay briefly taking the lead before being overcome by Plenderleith again. Kaden Connor, Kenzie Kopacz and Kenzie Bell were all still right up there battling it out. As the laps wound down, back markers were caught up, and as the lead pack, Plenderleith, Connor, and Kopacz all went to overtake, the back markers also made a move on each other, with Cameron Mason moving to the outside of Katie-Lee Smart – this resulted in 5 abreast going into turn 3 with just 2 laps remaining! The karts came together which seen Plenderleith becoming stuck with Katie Lee Smart, whilst Cameron Mason was also spun around, resulting in another yellow flag stoppage. This time, it was Kaden Connor who led the way, from Kenzie Kopacz. Connor got away well, however, Kopacz had closed in with just a lap to go, and managed to overtake the Kaden Connor kart on the last lap to take the lead, and the 2020 Scottish Championship in what was a remarkable race! Connor finished 2nd, with Hay completing the top 3!

The Stock Rods were in action for the first time since the Scottish Championship at the end of September; Chris Lattka showed off the saltire for the first time, whilst Samuel Pate made his debut. Jim Pitcaithly looked to have finally found some form, taking his car to a heat win in the opening race of the night, whilst David Crichton finished just behind in 2nd place with Darren McAlpine in 3rd. Heat 2 of the night seen Gary Nicholls take the flag, holding onto the win over heat 1 winner, Jim Pitcaithly. Darren McAlpine again finished in 3rd position. The final seen an excellent battle for the lead of the race, with Pitcaithly starting on pole position. Pitcaithly took the win ultimately, but was under pressure for the duration of the race, with McALpine and World Champion Derek McMillan challenging from the early stages of the race. McMillan took 2nd place ahead of McAlpine.

The Ministox were the fourth and final formula in action, and with 3 different winners in differing track conditions. Charlie Hardie continued his excellent form as he took the opening race of the night in dry conditions, whilst Max Walker took the win in heat 2 in damp greasy conditions. Robbie Armit took the meeting final win in the borrowed Hardie car, whilst Hardie himself finished 2nd with Koddi Wright in 3rd.

We are back in action this Saturday at Lochgelly Raceway, with tickets onsale via our website for drive in viewing only.

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Saturday 10th October

Reynolds Takes The Gold

Added by Kevin on Monday 12th October
Saturday 10th October
Junior Productions
Heat 1: 262, 924, 52, 17, 352, 232, 933, 605, 35, 555
Heat 2: 871, 605, 352, 17, 127, 747, 52, 35, 232, 687
Open Scottish: 924, 605, 127, 232, 747, 933, 352, 871, 2, 35

Micro Bangers
Last Chance: 329, 619, 146, 310, 120, 477, 217, 250, 710, 107
World Cup: 760, 478, 329, 619, 233, 710, 466, 146, 477, 58
All Comers 1: 146, 478, 619, 329, 84, 310, 227, 57, 466, 374
All Comers 2: 59, 760, 329, 227, 17, 625, 466, 32, 96, 557

Junior Bangers
Open Scottish: 682, 622, 842, 327, 361
Heat 1: 682, 622, 352, 518, 842, 327, 361, 362
Heat 2: 682, 842, 622, 362, 361, 518

Heat 1: 7, 55, 672, 638, 263, 39, 182, 916, 122, 231
Heat 2: 55, 7, 638, 263, 182, 122, 916, 170, 822, 133
World Cup: 263, 55, 672, 760, 122, 182, 710, 39, 822, 231

Sunday 11th October
Junior Productions
Heat 1: 52, 262, 924, 910, 747, 352, 232, 605, 127, 933
Heat 2: 747, 924, 127, 262, 232, 605, 50, 687
Fife Championship: 924, 127, 605, 871, 232, 933, 555, 50

Junior Bangers
Fife Championship: 682, 999, 842, 622, 361, 682, 352, 362
Heat 1: 682, 842, 999, 362, 361, 622
Heat 2: 682, 999, 842, 622, 362, 361, 352

Heat 1: 263, 170, 55, 672, 122, 916, 710, 760, 638, 822
Heat 2: 672, 55, 231, 170, 182, 638, 760, 822, 7, 518
Final: 55, 672, 170, 263, 638, 182, 263, 822, 231, 7, 710

1300 Stock Cars
Heat 1: 9, 700, 710, 10, 6, 111, 76, 75, 688, 411
Heat 2: 100, 76, 10, 6, 668, 888, 834, 688, 710, 124
Final: 100, 10, 700, 357, 710, 917, 833, 124, 125, 6

Micro Bangers
Open Scottish: 760, 625, 622, 59, 17, 329, 901, 929, 477, 166
Heat 1: 760, 59, 478, 609, 329, 752, 46, 477, 475
Heat 2: 760, 159, 609, 90, 59, 146
DD: 760

What an excellent 2 days of Stock Car Racing at Lochgelly Raceway, with the National Micro Banger being the headline event as the drivers battled it out for the prestigious World Cup. 60 National Bangers participated over the 2 days of racing with 40 cars taking to the track for the main race. The Saturday night seen the Micro Bangers a bit ‘roddy’ as some opted to try and save the car for the Sunday afternoon as well. Saloon Stock Car driver, Will Morphey kicked off proceedings as he took the flag in a 28 car last chance event, as he claimed his place in the main race. With an Incarace draw taking place to determine the grid for the World Cup, it could have been pivotal in deciding the outcome. Ultimately, it turned out to be great race for the lead with a 4 car battle throughout the race with Joey Reynolds, Craig Royal, Will Morphey and Bradley Tomlinson scrapping for the lead. It was Joey Reynolds though, that took the race win to become the 2020 National Micro Banger World Cup winner! Dan Wigman had shown excellent pace through the race, but dropped out of the reckoning having been spun out mid way through the race. Dan made amends though, as he took a race win in the first all comers race, with Craig Royal taking a 2nd place finish. Former Unlimited Banger World Champion Steven Bolton took the final all comers race on the Saturday night having held off Joey Reynolds and Will Morphey, who had both battled there way through from the back of the grid. The Sunday afternoon seen the Bangers return to as we expect them to be, with lots of big hits going on, with a lot of wrecked cars come the end of the day, none moreso than that of Tony Glendinning who suffered one of the biggest wrecks that we have seen at Lochgelly Raceway, though thankfully managed to walk away with only requiring a few stitches to his injury. It was a clean sweep for the World Cup winner Joey Reynolds as he swept to an excellent hat trick of race wins, before rounding it off with a win in the Demolition Derby!

The Junior Productions seen an excellent 6 visiting drivers join us over the weekend as the field bolstered to over 20 cars for both days of action. The Open Scottish Championship and Fife Championships were on offer for the youngsters. 2 graded races would form the grid for the Open Scottish Championship title on Saturday night, with some Northern Irish domination taking place. The opening race of the night seen the first 3 cars come from Northern Ireland ahead of Dylan Smart. Mathew Weir took the win in the race ahead of fellow Ulster drivers, Jack Morrow and Chelsey Rainey. Heat 2, the Scottish drivers made some amends as they took the majority of the top 10 places. In damp conditions, Jensen Bell took the win ahead of track championship contender John Bremner. The Open Scottish Championship grid was formed based on the points scored from the 2 previous heats. John Bremner, Lennon Grant and Dylan Smart appeared to be the Scottish drivers best challengers, with Jack Morrow seemingly quickest representing Northern Ireland. Bremner led the race early on, however a spun car allowed Morrow to capitalise and overcome his Scottish rival, taking the Open Scottish Championship as a result, with Bremner coming home in 2nd, with Lennon Grant in 3rd.

The ProStocks battled it out for there own World Cup, and with Northern Ireland no longer running the formula, it was likely to be a Scottish driver that took the flag. 2 reverse grid heats seen William Hardie and Tam Melrose victorious and they formed the front row of the grid in the World Cup race. Darren Rae and Jason McAlpine both also showed great pace, with John Mason proving that he is still up there with the quickest of drivers. Hardie and Rae got to the front of the pack as they fought for the lead of the race, this gave opportunity to Dean McGill to take the lead of the race. As Hardie and Rae continue to pressurise each other, this allowed McGill to open up a lead before both Hardie and Raw crashed out of proceedings. Melrose moved up into 2nd place, though was unable to catch the Dean McGill car, with Jason McAlpine finishing just behind in 3rd place. The Sunday afternoon seen 2 graded races take place as the ProStocks raced for the Open Scottish title. Dean McGill took the opening race win, coming from the back of the grid, finishing just ahead of Ian Christie and Tam Melrose. A big rollover for Jay Doyle seen the 2nd heat brought to a halt following a coming together with McGill. Jason McAlpine took an impressive victory as he returned to form, with Melrose finishing 2nd and Kevin Bell in 3rd. The main race kicked off before a yellow flag stoppage seen the pack close up, led away by Jason McAlpine and Tam Melrose. Melrose put the bumper in early to take the lead, however, McAlpine chased him back as the laps ran down, however, it wasn’t to be for McAlpine as he finished less than a car length behind the Melrose car as they crossed the line. Ian Christie brought his car home in 3rd place.

The 1300 Stock Cars were in action on Sunday and with just under 30 cars on track, it was a lively affair with some super racing from the formula. Dale Robertson took a heat win, with Rory Naismith finally finding some form in his car, coming home in 2nd place ahead of Patrick Calderwood. Heat 2 seen Sean Naismith continue his excellent form as he took yet another race win, with the returning Jamie Brown finishing 2nd and Calderwood 3rd. The meeting final seen Naismith add to his tally of wins, finishing ahead of Calderwood and Rory Naismith.

We are back this Saturday at Lochgelly Raceway with the 2.0 Hot Rod Scottish Championship, Ninja Kart Scottish Championship, National Hot Rods WQR, Stock Rods and Ministox in action.

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